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Animation: Diverse Breakfast Around the World

  Freddie is a 13 year-old schoolboy living in United Kingdom’s England. While attending secondary school and juggling schoolwork and extracurriculars, this young and talented student also enjoys channeling into his creativity by creating unique educational games and animations, shared around the world. In his latest project, “What […]

Moosmosis on Quizlet

Hi everyone! Moosmosis is proud to announce its official collaboration with the <Science ROCKS> Group at Quizlet. Founded in early 2010, Science ROCKS is one of the largest inclusive science study groups on Quizlet with over 1,200 members and young scientists from around the world. Members hail from the […]

DNA Transcription Simulation

“Auto-Transcription” is an interactive DNA Transcription simulator created with SCRATCH programming. The simulation automatically converts DNA strand sequences into mRNA strand sequences. The DNA strand runs in the direction of 5′ to 3′, while the mRNA strand that is produced runs in the direction of 3′ to 5′. […]


Biology for Lifelong Learners! Biology is the study of living organisms and consists of various branches from animal physiology to cell and developmental biology. Here at Moosmosis, our original biology lessons are created to engage lifelong learners of all age. Created by students, for students! Lesson 1: The Characteristics […]