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Dedicated to global education and lifelong learning, Moosmosis is an international youth organization that promotes lifelong learning in the arts and sciences and aspires to close the gap of health and educational disparities through teaching, tutoring, and mentoring young students.  Our national volunteer team teaches and mentors children from under-served areas, and advocates and fundraises for health and education equality globally. By creating and publishing original open-access lessons and unique e-learning games in both the humanities and sciences, Moosmosis also provides diverse learning tools.

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Created by students, for students and lifelong learners,  Moosmosis embraces true active student-centered learning and team collaboration. All lessons and resources on our inclusive and interactive platform are created by our members, students and lifelong learners from around the world. Open and dedicated to help learners globally, we cover subjects from biology, literature, creative writingphysics, computer programming, psychology, and much more.


Today, our innovative organization Moosmosis has reached over 1.3 million unique visitors and impacted over 155 countries since its launch. Featuring quality learning content and games, and teaching and mentoring over 2,800 student members and lifelong learners from around the world, we are excited to grow, discover, and learn together. 

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