DNA Transcription Simulation

“Auto-Transcription” is an interactive DNA Transcription simulator created with SCRATCH programming. The simulation automatically converts DNA strand sequences into mRNA strand sequences. The DNA strand runs in the direction of 5′ to 3′, while the mRNA strand that is produced runs in the direction of 3′ to 5′. Enjoy!

Click Here to Check It Out!

This SCRATCH project automatically converts DNA strand sequences into mRNA strand sequences.

You can also check out the simulation on the main MIT Scratch Programming website!



Enter your DNA code. The program is , so make sure you run the DNA code in all capital letters. Remember that DNA strands consist of ACTG, and mRNA strands consist of ACUG.

  1. Enter a DNA sequence in all CAPS. This will run 5′ –> 3′. Once the DNA scan has finished, the button will appear.
  2. Ready to get your mRNA strand (3′ –> 5′)? Click , and eureka! The mRNA strand sequence will be generated onto the screen.


Credits: This project, DNA Transcription: Auto Code Transcription, was created by Moosmosis using Scratch programming. All code and art were made by our life-long learning team at Moosmosis. The music is The Ocean of Light by NELL.


Check out our other games/simulations at our Scratch profile Moosmosis.



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  1. Neat simulator! Maybe you can add a cloud input to collect the DNA and mRNA that people transcribed and translated. I look forward to more of your biology posts and games.

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