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Hi everyone!

Moosmosis is proud to announce its official collaboration with the <Science ROCKS> Group at Quizlet. Founded in early 2010, Science ROCKS is one of the largest inclusive science study groups on Quizlet with over 1,200 members and young scientists from around the world. Members hail from the United States to France to Singapore, and age is only a number with Moosmosis and Science Rocks! Our members range from middle school students to public high school science teachers and nursing instructors to medical students and even grandparents! Members in this study group organization learn about science, chat and meet other young scientists, share their study sets, and engage in multidisciplinary subjects from biophysics to physiology.


science rocks

Moosmosis’s Collaboration with Science Rocks! at Quizlet

Science Rocks_ Sets

A snapshot of our members’ daily activity and Quizlet Study Sets: Rock on young scientists!

Members in Science ROCKS are inducted as members of the learning site Moosmosis, and have the potential to have their original study sets on science featured on this website! Science ROCKS <Member of the Month>’s will also be featured in the <Fun> section of Moosmosis. For more information on the Member of the Month awards, please check out more details over here.

If you would like to join Moosmosis and Science ROCKS, please click the Quizlet link below: Join Here! Admin will review your member status on Quizlet and add you accordingly.

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