Why “Arts and Sciences”?

 While often seen as polar opposites, the liberal arts and sciences, in reality, interweave with magnificent movement. The liberal arts fosters the mind’s creativity, the soul’s exercise of ethics and diversity, and the body’s expression with communication and analysis. The sciences develops curiosity through investigations and research, inspiring a new appreciation and understanding for the natural world around us.

By exploring both the liberal arts and sciences, Moosmosis aspires to integrate these foundations into a traditional and more comprehensive education. Here at Moosmosis, we hope to explore multidisciplinary fields and subjects, from cognitive psychology to sociology to quantum physics. We hope you embark on this intellectual and exciting journey with us!

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” ~ BB King

Our Mission

Moosmosis wouldn’t have been possible without this wonderful community! Our team at Moosmosis believes in lifelong learning and open accessible education, and that we are all students by heart and mind. We created Moosmosis to share our thoughts, learning resources, and lessons on a variety of subjects among arts and sciences.

Moosmosis is an interactive and inclusive youth education platform, providing a comprehensive open-access collection of various lessons and unique learning tools, such as interactive learning games, animations, and simulations, for students and lifelong learners around the world. What makes Moosmosis unique is that all educational content, resources, and lesson posts are created by students, for students and lifelong learners.

Engaging youth to become global and educated citizens of tomorrow, Moosmosis focuses on student-centered learning through an active exploration of the intersecting arts and sciences. This new research-proven method allows students to be in charge of their global and secure classroom. In this digital platform, students and lifelong learners with diverse interests and passions share and build knowledge together through collaboration and peer-reviewed publishing of their educational lessons. With a growing base of peer-reviewed content, Moosmosis delivers quality educational resources and fresh youth voices and insights shared to the world. Our youth efforts for lifelong learning have been awarded with a global Shortlist in the Student-Led Innovation Category from the 2017 Reimagine Education Competition, held by Wharton University of Pennsylvania and UPenn Graduate School of Education.

Built from the ground up by students themselves around the world, Moosmosis aspires to inspire other students to engage as well, fostering  their deep appreciation for lifelong learning and cultivating the next generation of scholars, educators, and active citizens of tomorrow.

Moosmosis: Educational Games, Animations, and Simulations
From literature analyses to science lessons to fun educational games, our youth team at Moosmosis designs and develops unique and original education content!

Behind the Scenes

Moosmosis is brought to you by a youth team of curious bipedal organisms of the species Homo sapiens from around the world. Today, our innovative e-learning platform Moosmosis has reached over 937,000 unique lifelong learners and impacted over 125 countries since its launch. Featuring quality learning content and games, and with over 1,620 student members and life-long learners from around the world, we are excited to continue to grow, discover, and learn together. Join our subscription or mailing list below to embark on our journey of lifelong learning together!

Comments, questions, suggestions? Feel free to comment below in the “Leave a Reply” section. All thoughts and hello’s are welcomed!

May the Mass x Acceleration be with you~

© 2016 Moosmosis

58 thoughts on “About

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Rachel! It’s always wonderful to hear from a fellow scientist (materials science – wow!) and writer! I’m also curious about your Ohanzee Series; I’ll be sure to check them out. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. moosmosis says:

      Hi Kate, Thanks for your warm comment! And, speaking of Stephen Jay Gould – I enjoy your collection of science news, fiction, and poetry as well , certainly “a creative human activity” and “a human intellectual tradition,” as he would say. Looking forward to more of your inspiring work. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. TSS says:

    Good morning!

    Thanks for following us back. We appreciate it. Although we’re not strictly science, we endeavor to provide the best science content possible. Our Editor-in-chief is a trained mathematical scientist, so engaging mainstream readers in science is extremely important to us for a plethora of reasons. For example, we’ve written about the great void of science journalism in the classical newspapers in the 25 largest cities here in the United States. And we just recently brought on a biochemist to guest blog for us.

    Harness the Carl Sagan inside!

    Thanks again and have a great Sunday from your bipedal family over at TSS!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Hi Vidhi! Thanks for checking out our website; I’m glad you liked it! I also enjoyed exploring your website – it looks really nice and pretty! 🙂 We’re open to collaboration in the future, perhaps guest posts, etc. That’d be really exciting! Just curious, how did you find our website? Was it through WordPress reader or perhaps another search engine or site? Thanks! Happy holidays, Moosmosis


      1. Vidhi Patel says:

        I had been looking through quizlet science classes. I saw a class with over a thousand members and started reading the description, in which this website had been mentioned. The class was called ‘Science Rocks!!’ .
        I still have a long way to go with my website (it is supposed to be a full study guide for IGCSE and CBSE students along with a display of creativity, but I have only yet started with CBSE).
        I am open to suggestions.
        Thanks for checking out my website too.
        Advanced merry Christmas and happy new year! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. moosmosis says:

        Super that you found my website through Quizlet! *starry eyes* 😀 I think your website has fantastic potential, and you sound like a very dedicated and creative student! I look forward to seeing your site grow, and good luck with your CBSE and IGCSE exams. Happy Holidays to you too!


  2. Callyn Villanueva says:

    Presenting the harmonious relatioship between science & art. I look forward to reading more of your content and hearing about your current research!

    With warm regards,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Callyn! Sharing the beauty of the arts and sciences with passionate lifelong learners around the world is my vision for this site. 🙂 And, I’m excited to meet more passionate community members such as yourself. Thank you again for joining our journey! And, stay tune!

      Best regards,


    1. Moosmosis says:

      And, thank you Mark for following our educational site! While many of us are only students here and just starting out on our life journeys, we are very much inspired by your bravery and preserverance through your battles with cancer! We wish you continued happiness and blessings! Did I mention that I love your awesome food recipes? 🙂 Thanks again for visiting us at Moosmosis, and we look forward to sharing and reading your blog journeys as well!


  3. Xavier Vilà says:

    Hi Moosmosis! Congratulations for your blog. I really like it. One of my best friends is a Mathematics Teacher and both enjoy sharing one to the other our different knowledge. You are doing a great thing here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Hi Xavier, Thank you so much!! Your encouragement and kind words mean the world to us. 😀 We wish you best endeavors for your blog and english learning adventures, and we look forward to sharing knowledge together. ¡Tenga un buen día!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. MerlinPendragonB says:

    Didn’t know where else to ask, so sorry if this is the wrong place…do you include music in Art? Because the crossover with tech and music really seems worth including/exploring, even if WordPress isn’t necessarily the best place for it. And I guess students might find it engaging to meet new kinds of music. Like “Retro synthwave” – how’s that a genre? I don’t know, but I love it, and it seems to land exactly in the middle of sci-fi, which you do of course include under literature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Hi Jack, Thanks for your message! We’re so glad to hear from you. Yes, I definitely agree with you – music is an Art! We are excited to continue expansion of our Arts section. Right now, our students’ collection involves Literature (sci/fi, Victorian literature, etc) and creative writing(poetry/fiction), and we’re looking forward to have students explore and engage in other Humanities as well, including music, narratives and art of storytelling, psychology and sociology, etc. The crossover with technology and music is fascinating, and “Retro synthwave” sounds very cool! In fact, some of our students in our educational game design side are making their own original music to accompany our e-games. Have you created music in retro synthwave? It’d be exciting if you would like to share with us your passion for music, perhaps even poetry in our Creative Writing section, or any creations with our community, too! By the way, your poetry is beautiful! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MerlinPendragonB says:

        Thanks! And sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Not a creator, just a fan. Happy to send in poetry though I’m not technically a student anymore… maybe lifelong learner though 🙂

        Wish you folks all the best regardless!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Moosmosis says:

        Thanks, Jack! I’d like to say that we’re all lifelong learners. 😉 If you’d like to send in poetry, we will be more than ecstatic! If not, that’s okay too! Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate it. Wish you the best with your endeavors and great creative writing too!


    1. Moosmosis says:

      Pleased to meet you as well, GP Cox. Thank you for your wonderful Pacific War era website! Great salute to you for also honoring veterans and those resting in peace. Thanks again for visiting Moosmosis!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. dandelionsmith says:

    Thanks for following the blog. You have an intriguing site here. I’ll bookmark to explore it more. By the way, my sons and I enjoyed the featured scratch animation on the breakfasts around the world. Please convey my appreciation to the source.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moosmosis says:

      Thanks so much, DandelionSmith! We’re so thrilled that you and your sons enjoyed the Scratch animation! The Breakfasts Around the World was created by our wonderful team member, Freddie, and he’s 14! We will send your kind regards to him. Thank you again for visiting and the bookmark! 🙂


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