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Freddie is a 13 year-old schoolboy living in United Kingdom’s England. While attending secondary school and juggling schoolwork and extracurriculars, this young and talented student also enjoys channeling into his creativity by creating unique educational games and animations, shared around the world. In his latest project, “What does the world eat for breakfast?” he shared with us the wonders and diversity of traditional breakfasts in several countries.

Moosmosis: What does the world eat for breakfast?

Deep fried dough, also known as you tiao, and soybean milk, are common breakfast items in China and Taiwan.

“Ever wondered what the rest of the world is eating whilst you are diving into your bowl of Cheerios or enjoying a good old fry up? Well now is your chance to find out!” Freddie excitedly exclaims. Also well known by his username scratchmaster678, this passionate student drew, coded, and animated what a breakfast dish is like on the other side of the world. Click below to check out his educational (and delicious) animation to learn more about several featured countries’ traditional breakfasts:


[Click Here to Play the Animation!]


The British enjoy a well-rounded and healthy plate of sausages, bacon, tomatoes, scrambled egg, toast, and baked beans. In Germany, we see locals gobble down scrumptious sausages, boiled eggs, and bread roll. In Japan, we see a traditional breakfast consisting of a bowl of miso soup, rice, and pickled vegetables, while in Brazil, we see a generous handful of sweet fruit and toast and ham on the side. The French typically enjoy a hearty plate of French toast, topped with a thin slice of sweet butter, and a croissant with coffee.

All the way in Southeast Asia, we have Vietnam, where pho – a warm soup filled with noodles – is commonly eaten in the morning. Not too far away, there is India, a diverse country that enjoys dosa and sambar for breakfast. Dosa is a type of pancake made from fermented batter and looks like a crepe. Sambar is a hot and spicy lentil-based chowder soup, filled with delicious vegetables including tomatoes, pumpkin, and shallot.

Hover your mouse over the foods and get a pop-up caption of what each food represents. Interact with the map on the side as well to see where each country is! Our team at Moosmosis also had the pleasure to have a splendid interview with our member Freddie:


[Interview with Freddie, Student from England, United Kingdom]


  1. What inspired you to create your “What does the world eat for breakfast?” project?

I got inspired when I watched several Buzzfeed videos about food around the world. I then realised that nobody has ever produced a project about food around the world. I choose breakfast because it surprised me the most – and it gives me the ability to create a series of projects (Lunch or Dinner could be realised so stay tuned!).

Moosmosis: What does the world eat for breakfast?

A scrumptious snapshot of France’s traditional breakfast in student Freddie’s animation: Is that a croissant we see? 🙂

French Breakfast: What does the world eat for breakfast?

A photograph capturing croissants and a cup of coffee for a typical French breakfast.


2. What message do you hope players/visitors can take from the project?

I hope people learn a bit more about world culture in a fun and educational way! 🙂


3. What aspect of the project are you most proud of? Lastly, do you have any future work or career aspirations that you would like to share with us?

I am most proud of the map feature, featured in the project to tell you where the countries are because yet again, it is combining world culture, geography and fun into one project! Most Scratch projects are created for pure entertainment but that is not the case with mine. My project is created with the unique blend of fun and learning and I hope that it really helps people to learn as well as [give] people a fun few minutes! Thanks once again!

Moosmosis: What does the world eat for breakfast?

Freddie’s educational animation features a map to showcase each country’s location and the traditional breakfast eaten there!

Brazillian breakfast: Papaya

Papayas for breakfast, anyone? Papayas are common fruits eaten during breakfast in Brazil.




Thank you Freddie for sharing your fun and educational project with us! For more of his unique work, check out his MIT Scratch programming page. If you enjoyed this post and interactive animation on global breakfast, feel free to comment below, give us a like, share, or subscribe. Thank you again for visiting Moosmosis!

Created by students, for students and lifelong learners!


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