Literature is an art. From artistic poems to canonical fiction, this section consists of our original essays and literary analysis on a variety of literature.


Table of Contents

Authors: Daniel Abraham | Charlotte BrontePhilip K. DickLeslie Jamison | Cormac McCarthy | Sam Shepard | More coming soon!

Novels & Short Stories: | Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? | Jane EyreThe Empathy Exams | The Gandhi Box | The Road | True West | More coming soon!



Charlotte Bronte’s Novel Jane Eyre:

Genre: Romantic fiction, Gothic fiction, Bildungsroman

Literary Analysis on Passion, Love, Feminism, Empowerment, Rationality, Reason, and Humanity



Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Genre: Science Fiction, Noir/Dark

Literary Analysis on Human Collective, Science and Technology, and Ambiguity




Daniel Abraham’s Short Story “The Gandhi Box”:

Genre: Science Fiction, short fiction

Literary Analysis on Morality, Consciousness, Violence, and Freedom




Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams

Genre: Nonfiction, Biography & Memoir

Literary Analysis on “The Devil’s Bait” by Leslie Jamison: Empathy, Healing, Life, and Belief



14771413980_72b5a672c2_b Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

Genre: Fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, Noir/Dark, Science Fiction

Literary Analysis on Birth, Death, Love, Father and Son, Belief, Ambiguity, and Humanity




Sam Shepard’s True West

Genre: American drama, theatre play, Western Fiction

Literary Analysis on Brotherhood, Creativity, Passion


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