New York State: How To Pass the New York State Driver’s Written Permit Test

How can I pass the New York (NY) Driver’s DMV Written Permit test?

In New York City, I recently passed and scored 100% on the New York State’s DMV written permit test. I will explain easy step by step how to pass the New York DMV driver’s learner permit test with helpful practice tests, questions, and answers, and personally share what test day is like for New York City DMV.

How Do I Prepare for the New York State’s Written Permit Test

  1. First things first, the New York State government’s DMV site says to “study the NY State Driver’s Manual and take the practice tests.” I first studied the main official New York State Driver’s Manual at the official government site: .

2. I recommend going through the online Table of Contents. To test your knowledge on the NY State permit written test, road test signs, traffic control, etc, take the chapter quizzes.

If you are taking the written permit test for New York State, only study the New York State’s driving laws. Each state has their own driving manual with some variations of rules and regulations, so it’d be a waste of your time if you were studying another state’s main manual!

Should I study the printed PDF NY State Driver’s Manual? (MV-21?)

Good question! This really depends on you. The New York State Driver’s Manual (MV-21) printed PDF was too detailed for me, and I preferred more visual chunks through the online DMV chapters. So, I did not study the printed pdf. However, if it helps you, feel free to go ahead!

How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass the New York State’s DMV written learning permit test?

To pass the New York State’s DMV written learning permit test, you must answer at least 14 out of total 20 multiple choice questions correctly. BUT CAVEAT: You must answer at least 2 out of the 4 questions about road signs correctly!

Study this practice test link on the New York road signs!

What is the fastest and Easiest way to pass the New York DMV Permit test?

The fastest and easiest way to learn the material and pass the New York DMV Permit test is to take practice tests. Practice. Practice. Practice. Here are several helpful New York DMV Permit Practice Test links that I used to test my knowledge on driving skills.

Practice Permit Tests in New York

Here are some helpful New York State DMV Practice test links for the learning permit test.

  1. Official New York State DMV Practice Tests: . Test yourself on the Chapter Quizzes.
  2. This practice test is formatted in 20 questions style. The fact that it has check boxes on the side is similar to the DMV permit test if you are handed the PAPER version. The paper version used to be the old format, but now, most DMV testing sites use online computers for testing. But this practice test site is the only helpful one I found that includes only 20 questions per test.
  3. Good Review DMV Permit Practice Test for New York: This site mimics the online computer test. But, on test day, there won’t be a hint at the bottom of the screen like this site shows.

What is Testing Day like for the New York City DMV Learning Permit Test?

I took my test in New York City. In my Part 2 post, I will share what the process is like, where to stand, where to go, what the test examination center looks like, etc, for the New York City DMV center.

What was your personal experience like at the DMV center? What methods or practice tests helped you pass that DMV learning permit test? 🙂 Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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