New York State Driver’s Written Permit Test: What is Test Day Like for New York City DMV?

New York City DMV Permit Test: What is the process like?

In New York City, I recently passed and scored 100% on the New York State’s DMV written permit test. In my first post, I explained an easy step by step on how to pass the New York DMV driver’s learner permit test including helpful practice tests, questions, and answers. In this post, I personally share what test day is like for New York City DMV to take the DMV written permit test.

What is Testing Day like for the New York City DMV Learning Permit Test?

I took my test in New York City’s Midtown DMV Center at 366 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001. No appointment is necessary to take the DMV written learning permit test. Just check that the center is open and pop in during their open hours. Plan to stay there for AT LEAST 1 hour. I was there for at least 3 hours on a summer Thursday, and the lines were still very long.

  1. As of 2019, please make sure you fill in the DMV permit application form before you go. Here is the official New York State DMV’s application form link:
  2. Save your time by pre-filling out this form. Make sure you are using BLACK INK.
  3. When you first enter, you go up these escalators to the main office which is on the second floor. To your immediate left, there is a white counter top station where you can fill out the forms. To your right, there will be the main front desk with 2 people behind.
  4. Stand in the line for the main front desk to ask for where you should go for your DMV written learning permit test. Grab a ticket, this is your number to be called on.
  5. For New York City’s Midtown DMV, they usually tell you to go all the way down to your right to the Station Number they direct you go to, all the way down to almost the end of the DMV center.
  6. Wait for your number to be called. You take your PICTURE ID PHOTO first! They didn’t tell me this, and I thought I was supposed to go to the testing station first, but they actually take your photo first.
  7. Photo ID: When I was called upon, I stood in front of this white plastic roll-down sheet. Then, they take your photo.
  8. Next, the person who took your photo directs you to go to the next station at your right (again, near the very last end of the DMV hallway). There was a man who stood there, who ushered you into the right line.
  9. Now there are two lines you can go to. YOu will pass by a station of people taking their test on computers. You go pass them to the lines that are behind this 5 feet tall wall.
  10. Wait in line, and once you’re up, the person asks for your number and forms. You keep your forms, and go to the computer desk number assigned to you.
  11. I took my forms with me. I don’t remember this part, but you must put away everything including forms away from the computer desk. I placed it in my backpack. Others put it behind them on the floor, as long as nothing was on the computer desk.
  12. Take your test! Test begins on the computer. You make sure the initial screen matches your name, ID. Everything is pretty explanatory. WHen I took my test in summer 2019, once you chose your answer for the question and clicked next question, you cannot go back and change your answer. So make sure the answer you choose is your final one.
  13. DO NOT panic! You practiced, and many of the questions are common sense.
  14. After you click finish, you immediately get a screen that tells you if you passed with your respective score.

I passed! Now what do I do? Congratulations! Breathe finally! Take your belongings and application form and now head on to the same line you were there before. Note, that there were 2 lines formed: one for people waiting to take their computer test, and two for people who passed the test and are not paying for their Driver’s permit ID. Go to the line that is right next to that 5 feet tall wall.

How Do I Prepare for the New York State’s Written Permit Test

Hope this helps! What was your personal experience like at the DMV center? What methods or practice tests helped you pass that DMV learning permit test? 🙂 Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

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