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Circulatory System 101: Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardiac MRI versus Cardiac CT [MCAT, USMLE, Biology, Medicine]

Happy New Year! In this lesson, we explore the circulatory system and more of the the awesome heart! Topics include cardiac MRI versus cardiac CT in imaging of circulatory system diseases and patient care, types of cardiac MRI, and pros and cons of MRI versus CT.

Digoxin: How does Digoxin treat heart failure? Mechanism of Action and Side Effects [USMLE, Biology, MCAT, Medicine]

Digoxin is a drug that treats heart arrhythmias, left ventricular systolic dysfunction, and heart failure. In this succinct educational lesson, we learn about how digoxin works in treating heart arrhythmias and heart failure, digoxin toxicity and common side effects, and treatment for digoxin toxicity. We also have a mini quiz at the end, so you can test your knowledge on the pharmacology of digoxin.