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Who We Are

Our global and digital education platform Moosmosis is created by students, for students and lifelong learners. We are a diverse community of over 1,600 registered student user members from over 125 countries, passionate about promoting inclusive and active lifelong learning. All resources, lesson plans, games and simulations – designed and developed by our dedicated youth team – are open and free to the public. By creating an inclusive and quality e-learning environment, we aspire to share our knowledge and passions with other students and learners around the globe, as well as overcome disparities in education and ensure equal and open access for all learners, no matter what age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality.

Moosmosis: Overcoming Educational Barriers
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Lastly, we are learners dedicated in exploring the intersection of both the arts and sciences, in the hopes of fostering creativity and curiosity in all of our readers and visitors. Here at Moosmosis, we aspire to explore multidisciplinary fields and subjects, from cognitive psychology to sociology to quantum physics, and we hope you embark on this intellectual and exciting journey with us!

How Do I Join?

Thank you for thinking of Moosmosis! We are super excited to have you join us! Please fill out this membership application here and subscribe to our email list below. Members have access to all of our resources on the website, are notified real-time of our lesson posts, and have the ability to interact and learn with other members from around the world. If you would like to help create content or games with us, fill out the leadership section below. We will send you an email invitation to create a member account with us.


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Moosmosis also has an official collaboration with Quizlet’s biggest science study groups, Science Rocks, in which members share study sets, chat and meet other young scientists, and hold open-group review sessions. Members who contribute their original and high-quality study sets have the opportunity to win our monthly “Member of the Month” awards. We have members hailing from around the world, including students and lifelong learners from South Africa, China, United Kingdom, United States, Qatar, South Korea, Singapore, France, and more! To also join our Science Rocks group, click “Join” on our Quizlet class page, and admin will review your membership and add you promptly. All learners are welcomed!



Our youth-run team also contributes to our mission of active learning and open-access education for global sustainable development by actively creating high-quality education content. We have writers, student voice bloggers, editors, graphic designers, computer programmers and animators who collaborate together to create the educational lesson posts, games, and animations that you see on our site.

We are currently looking for creative and driven student leaders to help build Moosmosis. High schoolers, undergraduates, graduate and professional students, as well as returning students and lifelong learners above age of 30 are welcomed as well and can be equally involved in our year-long projects and discoveries. If you are interested in collaborating and joining our leadership team, please contact us in the contact form as well, comment on the leadership roles you are interested in the comment box, and we will reach back soon. You may also contact us at

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Thank you again for your interest in Moosmosis!