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As a diverse community of over 2,800 members from over 155 countries, Moosmosis promotes inclusive, active lifelong learning in both the arts and sciences. Dedicated to global education and lifelong learning, Moosmosis is an international youth organization that promotes lifelong learning in the arts and sciences and aspires to close the gap of health and educational disparities through teaching, tutoring, and mentoring young students. Our national volunteer team teaches and mentors children from impoverished nations, and advocates and fundraises for health and education equality globally.

Moosmosis: Overcoming Educational Barriers

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😄 General Membership: Thank you for your interest in Moosmosis! We are super excited to have you join us. Everyone is welcomed to join as a member and volunteer of the Moosmosis community. Please subscribe to our free subscription mailing list (Follow icon at the right side), and fill out the membership application here. Members have access to all of our resources and volunteer opportunities on the website, are notified real-time of Moosmosis community’s lesson posts, and can learn with and tutor other members from around the world.

😎 Leadership: If you would like to help create e-learning content or games with us, please fill out each “Moosmosis Leadership” section in the application below. We are looking for creative and driven leaders to help build Moosmosis. High schoolers, undergraduates, graduate and professional students, as well as lifelong learners are welcomed. All learners are welcomed to submit their original articles to be published too –> see form below! 

Ready to be involved in our discoveries? We are excited to have you join our leadership team. Please comment on the leadership roles you are interested in the form below. We will reach back soon.

🍀 Quizlet Science Rocks! Membership: Moosmosis has an official collaboration with Quizlet’s biggest science study groups, Science Rocks!. At Science Rocks, members share interactive flashcard study sets, engage in real-time team learning games, hold open-group review sessions, and meet other scientists from around the world. Members who contribute their original and high-quality study sets have the opportunity to win our monthly “Member of the Month” awards. We have members hailing from around the world,. To also join our Science Rocks group, click “Join” on our Quizlet class page, and admin will review your membership and add you promptly. All learners are welcomed!

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