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Hypertension: Causes and Health Effects of High Blood Pressure [Biology, MCAT, USMLE]

In this quick, easy lesson, we learn about hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, for USMLE and medicine. Hypertension is defined numerically as >140/90 and more recently as >130/80. Primary Hypertension vs Secondary Hypertension. Hypertension Effects. Hypertensive Urgency vs Hypertensive Emergency.

Biology 101: Microfilaments vs Microtubules in Cell Biology

Microfilaments and microtubules are both important elements of the cytoskeleton, maintaining the structure and integrity of the cell, but there are several differences between microfilaments and microtubules. In this article, we share this information on microfilaments versus microtubules.

Microfilament and Microtubulues are made from different individual subunits. Microfilaments are made from ACTIN, while microtubules are made from TUBULIN.