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Carly Kiang

Carly is currently an international high school student. She loves to connect with other students in the STEM community by creating fascinating yet digestible science-based articles. When she’s not poring over science magazines, she's probably playing basketball or listening to a Malcolm Gladwell podcast.

5 Effective Study Strategies

5 Effective Study Strategies for Students: Learning is a lifelong journey that people experience. Here are 5 effective study techniques for students and lifelong learners.

A Global Epidemic: The Novel Coronavirus

A Global Epidemic: The Novel 2019 Coronavirus

On December 31st, 2019, Chinese officials informed the World Health Organization that a group of strange cases of pneumonia were detected in the city of Wuhan. The cause of the pneumonia was unknown, but a week later, Chinese health officials confirmed that the cases were associated with a novel coronavirus.

In this lesson, we learn about what is the coronavirus, how the coronavirus spreads, how deadly it is, and why COVID-19 matters for our public and global health.