Welcome to Moosmosis!

Moosmosis is an open-access youth education platform exploring the intersection of the arts and sciences. Moosmosis creates and provides original and unique learning tools, such as science lessons, literature study guides, flashcards, and interactive learning games. Created by students, for students and lifelong learners – all lessons and resources on this site are open and dedicated to help students and learners from around the world. Subjects that will be covered are biology, literature, creative writing, general chemistry, physicspsychology, and much more.


Why “Arts and Sciences”?

 While often seen as polar opposites, the liberal arts and sciences, in reality, interweave with magnificent movement. The liberal arts fosters the mind’s creativity, the soul’s exercise of ethics and diversity, and the body’s expression with communication and analysis. The sciences develops curiosity through investigations and research, inspiring a new appreciation and understanding for the natural world around us.

By exploring both the liberal arts and sciences, Moosmosis aspires to integrate these foundations into a traditional and more comprehensive education. Here at Moosmosis, we hope to explore multidisciplinary fields and subjects, from cognitive psychology to sociology to quantum physics. We hope you embark on this intellectual and exciting journey with us!

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