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Glucose Transporters GLUT and SGLT: Biochemistry, MCAT, and USMLE

In this lesson, we explain about the biochemistry of glucose transporters GLUT and SGLT, their functions, and differences. Biochemistry, MCAT, and USMLE

Shampoo Science: “Dirty” Hair and What Those Ingredients Actually Do

For the average person, washing their hair every day or every few days is a matter of hygienic preference rather than necessity. Unless their work or pastime brings them in contact with dirt or involves physical exertion, it is unlikely that their hair would go from being clean to truly dirty in the span of twenty-four hours.

So, what is the true science behind our “dirty” hair and the ingredients in our shampoo?

Interesting Facts About Phosphorus: Applications and Uses

You can probably find that phosphorus is the 15th chemical element if you look at a periodic table. You might also easily guess that it has the chemical symbol P. But what you may not know is that beyond these basics, there are many different applications of phosphorus that make it a significant part of our everyday lives.

Come learn about interesting factors about phosphorus with us!

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