Common Eye Problems, Diseases, and Disorders

Common Eye Problems, Diseases, and Disorders


Article on common eye problems, diseases, and disorders, including diagrams,  definitions, and explanations for common eye diseases. The eye is a small but unique organ of the human body with the ability to visualize a lifetime of events.  

Every day, when we wake up in the morning and look at our stunning reflections in the mirror, our eyes say, “I SEE you!” And when we look deeply into our lovers’ eyes, we see the souls from within and feel their shared warmth. Our eyes are important organs, and in this article, come explore with us the common eye problems, diseases, and disorders that can affect our sight. 

Anatomy of the Eye: Labelled Diagram


Disorders and Diseases of Vision: Diplopia, Hyperopia, Myopia, Nyctalopia, Amblyopia, Presbyopia, Macular Degeneration



dimness of vision or partial loss of sight without detectable disease of the eye

Eyes from Avatar!

Eyelid Disorders and Diseases: Blepharitis, Blepharoptosis, Chalazion, Keratitis 


inflammation of the eyelids


drooping of the eyelid

A starry supernova in that eye!

Cornea Disorders and Diseases 


irregular focusing of light rays caused by a nonspheroid cornea

Just look at those eyes! Can’t resist them, he’s going to be a charmer when he grows up!

Cute Heart Circulatory System Joke, Pun, Comic


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