Romeo and Juliet Star Crossed Lovers Analysis, Meaning, Symbolism: A “Star-Crossed” Play (#11 Bill Play Cover)

Star-Crossed Lovers in Romeo and Juliet

Throughout William Shakespeare’s masterpiece play of Romeo and Juliet, the fates seem to direct the entire tragedy from the two lovers’ first meeting to their ultimate deaths. At the same time, however, the lovers’ choices also lead them toward their star-crossed destinies. 3903316620_bb3bbae971_b

Symbolism in Romeo and Juliet: Star-Crossed Lovers and the Dagger

Thus, to depict their fated tragedy, a dagger crosses a hanging origami star between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet in their famous balcony scene. It takes place after Juliet’s father’s “mask” feast, which is represented by a mask hidden in garden leaves at the top of the playbill. At the feast, the two lovers coincidentally fall in love at first sight. Afterward, the passionate lover Romeo with the large heart in his name risks being found by his enemy’s guards to see Juliet. He claims that Juliet, “… is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon” (Shakespeare 2.2.3-4) above her head. For Juliet, she is careful with love and matures, which represents the shading depths in her name. Because their families belong to a vendetta, where they are constantly fighting, the love between Romeo and Juliet prompts them to marry secretly. love-3581038_960_720

Conclusion and Meaning in Star-Crossed Fate

With this, a series of unfortunate occurrences begins. Juliet’s vain cousin Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel and slays Romeo’s good friend Mercutio, so Romeo, in a blind rage, kills Tybalt. This leads to Romeo’s banishment, and Romeo and Juliet feel desperate to see each other. Because Romeo did not receive news of Juliet’s feigned death to avoid a forced marriage with another man, Romeo decides to drink fatal poison, which is located at the top of the playbill. Seconds after she wakes from her “death” and discovers Romeo’s death, Juliet stabs herself with a dagger. As a result, during the play, Romeo and Juliet are frequently maneuvered by the fates. Image result for love

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